Max King.


I am an actor, writer, and designer (three's a charm +1) who grew up in New Hampshire (Live Free or Die +1) to a chef father  and a Jewish mother (fat until college +/-1). My first professional acting job was at age 9 (innocence -1), and I'm still going strong (Taurus grit +1).

I peaked in fifth grade, when I went not only to the state ski racing championships (jock +1), but also the state geography bee (nerd +1).

My first job was at an apple orchard (plaid +1), because New Hampshire. Also 'because NH', I started working on the Obama '08 campaign in May '07 , and after having made a contentious campaign phone call to my government teacher, I was selected as Obama's official greeter when he spoke at my high school before the NH primary (before he was cool +1).

Though I was recruited to play tennis in college, I chose to study theatre at Wagner College instead (obscure borough +1), where my political savvy was put to the test against the powers that be in a collegiate theatre department.

I've toured the US, performed Off-Broadway, and shot a movie in China (world traveler +1). I have 3 web series I am currently writing and will be starring in (multi-tasking +1), and founded the web-design company The Actor Station (over-achiever +1). Let's create something together!

= not-your-average millennial hipster


November 17-19 2017

Foreign & Domestic

Written by Virginia Podesta

Directed by Lisa Flanagan

Teatro Sea

107 Suffolk St. New York, NY

An incredibly important, realistic portrait of a group of immigrant friends dealing with the everyday trials of finding home in America.

Out Now!

Broadway Day Off

Created and hosted by Max King

Produced by

Check out the first episode of my interview series Broadway Day Off, with special guest Gerard Canonico!

Coming in 2018

Single Rules

Created by Millie Torchetti

I will be appearing on an episode of the new web series Single Rules! More info coming soon.

Finish Last and Beerocracy

Keep your eyes peeled for these two web series I am writing and starring in. In production now!

October 20, 2017

The Unpredictable Times

Written by Kevin Ray Johnson

Directed by Lee Lewis

  Dixon Place

161 Chrystie St, NY, NY

I star opposite Alex Brightman in the reading of this intimate story of friendship, love, sickness, and a group of childhood friends growing up, growing apart, and coming back together.


A Burial Place @ The Dorothy Strelsin Theatre

Max gives a wonderful performance that was passionate and heartfelt ... The three actors question and discover the core of their friendship, and there is little the audience can do but share in the experience, wondering if they could be as strong as these characters are.

Max plays the hot-headed Colby with manic fury, and looking in his eyes, you can see the anguish that drives his anger. The trio plays three old friends with convincing intimacy.

Murder At The Food Coop @ FRINGENY

Alex Covington, Max King, and Brittany Shaffer are particular standouts in the cast, and their strong voices transcend the unfortunate static of the sound system and raise even the bawdiest lyrics with a flourish.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers National Tour

Max King — as the youngest brother Gideon — offers poignant moments and real emotional depth.


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The Actor Station

In 2016 I founded a web design and reel company called The Actor Station.

I've talked to film and theatre casting directors, directors, and other industry insiders to find out exactly what they're looking for in your websites and reels. These are the 21st Century Actor's business card, and we want to make yours stand out.

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January 12-15 2017


Written by Jordan Wolfe

Directed by Patrick Kelly

Hudson Guild Theatre

441 W 21st St, NY, NY

I star as Davis Vogler, a struggling author who is caught somewhere between real life and fiction.

October 17-30 2016

A Burial Place

Written by Owen Panettieri

Directed by Joey Brenneman

  The Dorothy Strelsin Theatre

312 W 36th St, NY, NY

In this intimate 3-hander, I star as Colby, a college sophomore struggling to deal with mysterious circumstances surrounding he and his two childhood best friends.

October 15-16 2016

The Last Five Years

by Jason Robert Brown

Directed by John Andreadis

American Monarch Theatre Company

The Gold Room at the Grand Eastonian

140 Northampton St, Easton, PA

This timeless tale of love gained and lost has been a dream show of mine since I first heard the score. I couldn't be happier to be playing Jamie in AMT's inaugural show!

Carson-Adler Agency

Nancy Carson

250 West 57th St. Suite 2128

New York, NY 10107

212.307.1882 x202

Image Talent Management

Laura Aladjem

10061 Riverside Drive #180

Toluca Lake, CA 91602


Photos by Pooja Dhar © 2017